Cataract Surgery Aftercare

If you’ve just had cataract surgery, you might wonder what to expect after the procedure
is over. Will you be able to see clearly? Is there anything you should do differently now
that your vision has changed? This blog article explains how to care for your eyes after
cataract surgery.

● Don’t drive for 24 hours
● Don’t rub or touch your eyes for at least one week
● Following the surgery, it is best to rest at home
● In the first week after cataract surgery, a plastic shield can be helpful to stop you
from inadvertently rubbing your eye during sleep
● No dirt, water or dust should enter the eye for the first 2 weeks at least. It is best
to take a bath or shower below the chin and wash your face with a clean wet
● You can wash your hair carefully after the first week. Dirty water or soap/
shampoo from hair washing should not enter the eyes
● Eye drops needs to be instilled as advised after the cataract surgery. These are
usually anti-inflammatory drops. Follow your eyedrop routine, which might go for
a few weeks to 1 month.
● Excessive bending or heavy weight lifting should be avoided for at least one
● Refrain from rubbing or touching your eye in the first month after the cataract
● Continue medicines for diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, joint pains etc.
as advised previously
● To reduce the risk of infections, avoid swimming or using a hot tub during the first
Diet after Cataract Surgery: your diet should be one that is also beneficial to your
overall health. You want to include healthy foods, lean protein, and leafy green