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Upcoming webinar

I am looking forward to delivering another webinar for Optometrists on 29th June 2020 at 1800 (AEST).

The topics of this webinar will be:

  • Ocular emergencies
  • Atypical paediatric cases with life threatening consequences
  • Paediatric neuro-ophthalmology

As with the previous webinar, I will aim to make it case-based and highly interactive. I have already received several interesting questions from participants!

For more information and to register, visit

Author Bio

Dr Parth Shah is an experienced ophthalmologist in Canberra, Australia. With extensive training and experience, he is renowned for his expertise in the field. Dr Shah is dedicated not only to performing successful surgeries but also to patient education. His compassionate approach, combined with technical proficiency, has earned him the trust and gratitude of countless patients. He is a true advocate for eye health and a trusted name in the Canberra ophthalmology community.